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Hello from Jamie

Hello my name is Jamie. I am 6 years old. My mum runs Limpopo Horse safaris and I have a little brother here he is called Adie and a dad called Cor. large_DSC01082.jpg

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A note from the Teacher



This blog is here for the children of the school to write in, add pictures and videos and tell you all about living and going to school on a game reserve in Botswana. Limpopo school has about 10 children at it ( so even smaller than Logie!)

I am Ellie, Luca's mum and also the new teacher here at Limpopo Valley School. We have been here 3 weeks and there are so many amazing differences compared to living in Britain.
Life and school are very very different here ,For a start the children don't call me Miss, they call me "Teacher Ellie".

Also school starts at 7 AM and finished at 11 AM? Do you know why?

Pease ask the children any questions you like about what they do every day, what they enjoy, what they do not enjoy. You could also explain what you enjoy and not really enjoy at school, I bet there are some similarities!

I have enjoyed watching the monkey's steal all the flour out of the classroom and poke their noses in it, they looked very funny with their fluffy grey faces and floury white noses! I have not enjoyed the sound of lions roaring at night when I'm trying to sleep!!

We were really lucky to go on a game drive last week, this was a school trip with a difference! A game drive is when you sit in a game car ( a big 4 wheel drive toyota with no roof) and you go off roading through river beds, long grass, up and down dusty hills and all around the reserve looking for wild animals. We saw so many things. My favourite was the colourful Bee Eater bird, I think I liked it so much because I knew it wouldn't eat me. The lioness and her 3 cubs were amazing to see but slightly more scary.
Thanks for reading.
Pleasewrite back to the children here and let them know what sort of school trips you have been on before, and what school is like for you.

Best wishes. Teacher Ellie.

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Luca's first game drive

On Machatu Reserve. Botswana

sunny 39 °C


DSC0114</p><p>I   went   on  a game drive and    saw  a  Leopard   and  a   lioness   with  3  cubs  I  was  happy.  I  saw  2  hyena  it  was  tired.    There  was     a  big   herd  of   Eland. When I saw the leopard I was amazed. It was spotty and it was in a tree with its kill. [/b]</p></div>
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