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A Day At School

written by Luca Botswana 2014

I usually wake up at 6 am, 1 hour before school starts. I have
enough time to get changed , have breakfast and brush my teeth. All I
need to wear is a tee shirt shorts and pants. I walk to school it's about 5
metres it takes me a few seconds.
School starts at 7 am. First we do language we start with some
spellings, after language we do maths. We read every day and the
teacher ( my mum) reads to us. The children call the teacher "teacher
Ellie". We sometimes do sport, gymnastics and art. We play outside a
lot there is a photo of us pretending to be on a game drive. We learn
lots of science about wildlife from experience.
We have a garden for food, we water this every
evening. At midday we have lunch at Louise's
house. She is the boss of Limpopo Horse Safaris.
It is so hot, usually 30+ centigrade rarely up to
40 centigrade, we have a rest each afternoon.
Each afternoon, Mamaoulo and teacher Ellie take us for activities,
on Monday swimming, other days horse riding, or riding our bikes on
the rocks or the airfield. We need to look out for snakes and warthogs.
The children usually travel in the back of the pickup truck, it's fun and
we get muddy on the bumpy tracks. Once we saw a leopard in the
dried up river bed. We see a lot of elephant and impala, once we saw
9 lions that had tried chasing elephants.

Sometimes the baboons break into the school and they make a
real mess, my friends and me try scaring them
away, we go on baboon patrol.D664398ABA2986A37366A6B059C242FC.jpgD6654751FC879BE08A25A40365000A7E.jpg

I hope you are having good , happy days at your school.
Love from Luca.

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African Wildlife

On a game drive

Two Mashatu
21 November 2014
Author Luca
Photographer Luca except Luca with Lions!

As I woke up this morning there was a herd of impala and a troop
of baboons next to my tent. Yesterday I went on a game drive, I saw a
lot of Zebra, giraffe and elephant, we also saw a Jackel and it's cubs. It
was so sunny I found it hard to take pictures but when we were half
way to main camp it was easier to see and there was a pride of 9 lions.
They were just waking up to go hunting so they were standing and
walking and yawning. They don't usually do this in the day. One
walked right next to the Land Cruiser, Granny was scared!
After we saw the lions we drove
along way from them .We were going
for a sundowner you get out the car,
have a drink and watch the sunset. We
knew the lions would be hunting we did
not want to be "starters"!!
On our return back to camp it was
dark so we had to use the spotlight, we saw some Eland they are huge
about 1 tonne, but they are still scared of people.

We arrived back for dinner and 2 scorpions joined us and we
had to rescue a preying mantis from the candle flames!
Have you ever had such an exciting day?

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In the garden

Written by JAMIE and NEO

My granny helped us to grow things in the garden.
she helped us plant pumpkin seeds and sunflowers.
now. everyday we go and water the garden and we look at how much everything grows.
Written by JAMIE and NEOIMG_3798















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Thank you Val.

We are so grateful!

Just a little note to thank you Val or Vals as the children keep calling you!
We are so very happy with the sports equipment and the Play Mobile you have sent to us.
And an extra special thank you for the tablets. They are working as a great resource for practicing times tables and phonics, the children are working on recording their own personilised thank you's this week! They really help with meeting the needs of the various ages in the class.

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Hello From Phillipah

Hello. My name is Phillipah. I am 6 years old . I am from Zimbabwe. My mum works on the Mashatu reserve.

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